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Welcome to Our Law Firm Blog

We are honored to have the privilege of introducing the blog portion of the website.  As you can see from our site, O’Dell & O’Neal was founded on a commitment to client and community.  I hope that this blog can be useful to both.  Our goal is to provide content that will inform and entertain.  The blog will generally feature content in three areas.

First, the blog will feature posts and information about legal issues that break here in Marietta, Cobb County, throughout Georgia and the Nation.  As laws are proposed or passed, we will try and inform and educate about the effects and issues associated with new laws and regulations.  As verdicts and decisions are announced in the various State and Federal trial courts, we will try and provide insight, information and illumination on the legal effects and basis for the outcome.  Finally, as the appellate courts, State and Federal, weigh in on various statutes and decisions, we will try and provide commentary about the arguments presented and the effects of the decision.

Second, the blog will feature “Dick and Jane” from our primary school days.  We all remember reading about Dick and Jane, but unless you have a primary school age child, you have not likely heard much from them.  This portion of the blog will take a look at various life scenarios for Dick and Jane and present the legal issues and arguments associated with the various events.  As Dick and Jane get married, have children, get divorced, have issues related to the care of their parents or suffer an injury due to a car wreck, we will follow their story and provide insight into the issues that they are facing.  It is our hope that this portion of the blog will provide a real life learning experience for the community and clients about issues that they themselves might be facing.

Third, the blog will feature an entertaining section about the life of celebrities.  Often times the best Hollywood scripts are not written, but played out by the folks who live and work there.  We will take a look at the lives of celebrities as their various circumstances play out.  If the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce was happening in Georgia, what would the lawyers for her claim?  What about Tom?  What is the difference between Kim Kardashian getting a divorce and getting an annulment from Kris Humphries?  What happens if they are still married when her child with Kanye arrives?  It is impossible to make up better scenarios for legal discussion, so why try?  Hopefully, this portion of the blog will provide some lighthearted entertainment and fun.