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Consultation and Retainer Fees

A consultation with one of our attorneys will be an opportunity for you to tell us your story, share the facts of your case and obtain valuable information about the legal process and our strategy in helping you navigate to a positive outcome. It will provide you with a comprehensive view of our approach to the specifics of your case. No two legal matters are exactly the same – each client has a unique set of circumstances that we will address with the utmost level of respect and professionalism. At O’Dell & O’Neal, you will see our genuine desire to serve your legal needs from our first consultation all the way through to a resolution. We are committed to you and to the community we serve.

The process of choosing an attorney may seem overwhelming at first, but we can help you focus on the critical aspects of your case and help you plan your next step. We want more than a meet and greet with you. In a free consultation, you may not receive more than a generic description of the legal process. We believe that you truly do get what you pay for and that sound legal advice is too valuable to be given freely. Please review our professional billing rates:

Professional Billing Rates:

  • Justin O’Dell $350.00 per hour
  • Leslie O’Neal $300.00 per hour
  • Leslee Hungerford $200.00 per hour
  • Alyssa Blanchard $200.00 per hour
  • Administrative Staff $105.00 per hour

During the consultation, we will establish a retainer fee, which may vary from $1500 – $10,000.00 with a typical retainer for a contested matter being $5000.00. The retainer is adjusted based on the complexity and urgency of the case, the anticipated work involved on a monthly basis and whether or not you are coming to us from an existing attorney-client relationship. Call us today at 770 405-0164 or email info@odelloneal.com to schedule your initial consultation with one of our attorneys.